Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living World Mall - Serpong

Today I went to Living World Mall in Serpong. Serpong is a suburb of Jakarta. I went here for some new places to see since today is a holiday so the traffic would not killing me. The mall is not as big as Jakarta malls but it is one of the best mall in Serpong and Tangerang area. The place is like entertainment centre that offers many restaurant, cafe and two floors of home living improvement centre. They also claimed that they have the biggest ACE Hardware store in Indonesia. It is true, I never seen ACE Hardware that big. Anyway, this place is recommended for people want to try visit Serpong area to eat or just chill out.

Location: Alam Sutra Boulevard No. 21, Alam Sutra, Serpong 15325
Phone: 021-53128580

Top Floor

Food Court

Top Floor

Ground Floor
The Sky Garden

They also have a garden inside the mall, located on the third floor. In here people can see the sky view of  the surrounding area of the mall. Nice place at sunset or night.

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