Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ice Skating in Jakarta

There is not a lot of places to play Ice Skating in Jakarta. All I know there is only two places in jakarta that have Ice Skating arena. One of the place is in Taman Anggrek Mall, It is called Sky Rink and it's located on the 3th floor. Phone: 021-5642888

- 42.000 Rupiah/ 5 USD per 2 hours on weekdays.
- 48.000 Rupiah/ 5.5 USD per 2 hours on weekend.

Included: skating shoes for 2 hours.
Note: you need to bring your own gloves and socks.

Ice Skating Taman Anggrek Mall
This ice skating has been here since 15 years ago at least. I remember it is already there when I'm still in high school. The first place to open in indonesia is in Mega Mall, Pluit but then it is closed down due to lack of customer. However, ice skating at Taman Anggrek is still prevail until today and never lack of customer. The photo above is taken on weekdays at 6 pm, on the weekend, the place is pack with customers.

The Other

Other place is available in Mall of Indonesia in Gading Area. I have not try (or probably never trying) the ice skating in this place before. I will try to come by and update this post.

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  1. It's now IDR 52K on weekdays :)